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Lake Erie (Photo by Paul Szynol)

Sept. 3, 2020, 12:09 p.m.

some travel randomness:

a. my favorite album for years was wish you were here.
b. my favorite CA lake for years was mono lake.
c. when i took wish you were here off the shelf a few days ago, after years of visiting mono lake and listening to the record, the postcard that came with the LP fell out, and it's a photo of mono lake.

a. when i was walking around vienna late at night a few years ago, i saw a window display at a little hifi shop that had a sparking array of tube components, and i thought i'll have to try tube gear one day.
b. i just bought my first tube component (a phono preamp from pro-ject), and after i unboxed it i saw it was made in vienna.

so, my lockdown therapy, in addition to working on a film, has been to pick up coding again, and this blog section is one of the things i put together, so i'll be posting all sorts of random things here.
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